Monday, January 30, 2017

End of the day

I took some pictures yesterday evening as I watched the light fade. The days are indeed longer, as the sun begins its journey in a westerly manner. I liked how this last shot came out, with the clouds still quite visible. Day's End. How appropriate. Tomorrow will be 1 min. 45 sec. longer than today. I love the predictability of it all, no matter what else happens, the sun will rise and set.
Peace, folks!


  1. I wish I could take shots like that.

  2. Beautiful pic. Yes. Today when I arrived at the pool to swim the sun was only just coming up.
    A few weeks ago. It was well and truly up in the sky so here the days ar shrinking

  3. Lovely photo. Daffodils are starting to come up. Way too soon in my opinion, but then, I am not a daffodil.

  4. You took a very nice picture!!! Love it when the days getting longer and longer!!!

  5. Beautiful shot. I rarely get to see the sky like that. One of the huge disadvantages of living in a suburban neighborhood with street after street of big houses is that you can't really see much of a sky line. Sigh...when we get to our farm, I always marvel how pretty the sky is.


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