Monday, January 2, 2017

Not quite a National Lampoon Christmas

Son ordered too many gifts!
He seemed to get carried away. I took the picture when I thought it (the influx) was over. I was wrong. Even after he came home, we got things every day for the next 4 delivery days. Got on first name basis with the UPS driver ... 

He really did spoil us. DH got all kinds of games - Nintendo etc and all the different gear, a huge selection of blue ray movies, and Japanese goodies. I got a dozen books, a dozen DVD movies and 5 complete series in DVD. (Twilight Zone, Fringe etc.) Also a view master and an external 1TB hard drive with more movies. Then too, all kinds of candies and treats. He even got me some cherry cocoa! It was a never ending bunch of gifts!

We had a great time until - 

BL went to visit a friend for a couple days. The Sebring (remember the car we had *fixed* twice and had to put on new tires?) died on the way. He did make it (over a hundred miles away) but then the bleep thing didn't want to run, oil was so low it didn't register. EEE! He added oil and it registered full  and we relaxed a bit. He stayed an extra day. On his way home - he got maybe 20 miles, it was dead on the side of the road. Meanwhile DH was driving toward him. He ended up driving for him. DH was set on just taking everything out and abandoning it on the side of the road. I talked him into seeing if some salvage yard would come for it and pay a little. I was thinking of all the $ we blew on it. They got home when the day was ending. The car was disposed of legally for $200. Time to relax.

The next day, the guys went to pick up my old Buick. After 2 months, it had not been repaired. I'm sure BL was on needles and pins and I was holding my breath. It ran rough, but it's now in the yard. Breathe ... It will not be driven, DH is considering scrapping it. We shall see ...

 The dogs were so happy to see their boy. He spent lots of time cuddling and playing with them. Now, I will have them looking for him every time a car pulls into the yard for a while.

 I made this berry coffee cake for breakfast on New Year's morning. It was berry good! I used ice cream for the cream. Yum!

We had company and played a lot of games. It was a very eventful Christmas and New Year's vacation. I finally crapped out last night and ended up going to bed early with a headache. The guys stayed up for another movie and I didn't hear a thing. Today was hard. Saying good-bye is always hard for me. I will miss BL, more than he could possibly know.

Forsythia - thanks for your address! I will try my best to get that out to you as soon as I can before the week ends. Congratulations, sorry about the email mess. I thought I had that email set up properly. I am not computer savvy.

This is a shortened version of my *Christmas Vacation* I may add parts later on.

Happy New Year, Y'all!


  1. Merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year. Sounds like it was full of ups and downs xxx

  2. Wow! That's quite a Christmas story! I'm happy everyone was safe n' sound with the vehicle situations, and heck yeah you got spoiled! Good for you! That's what our kids are supposed to do, seems only fair, we spoiled them. :) Continued happiness in the New Year.

    1. You can understand what goes on in a mom's mind with stuff like this. Thank you!

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time.
    Coffee is on

  4. Wow, loved the picture and will read your post later, Busy day here, it is has started all too early, and I think I may be getting a cold which I can't afford to have right now, but maybe I'm not. By dawn's early light, it came to me what your e-mail problem could be. The address I used was a Yahoo address, and I vaguely remember that Yahoo was hacked again and so Yahoo deactivated all the old e-mail addresses. Probably you can find out more about this on line.

    1. Oh yeah, They told me to change passwords, which I did. This glitch must have been part of it.

  5. Wow! Looks like Bobby Lee played Santa in a big way this year!! All kinds of goodies! Awe, I'll bet it was really hard to see him go. Well, you can't say you did not have an eventful Christmas ;-) If it weren't for the car issues it would have been pretty close to perfect if you ask me. Now rest up and get to those new years resolutions!! lol

  6. Replies
    1. Happy New Year! I sincerely hope for a great year for you!

  7. A veritable mountain of gifts! One for every day of the year?
    sorry to hear about your car dying.

    1. Not that many, but yes, it was a bunch! It was a bummer for the car to die after all the $ we put into it since fall began. Well, it's water under the bridge now.

  8. I am so glad your had a wonderful time with your son. It's a shame about all the trouble he had with the car.

    WOW...that is seriously a lot of presents. Very generous of him.

    I know what you mean about how sad it is to say goodbye. My son came for 10 days and left two days ago. **sigh** Often I think I would of liked time to stop for a bit when they are small so I could of savored their childhood longer. It went by amazingly fast.


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