Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter From Home 08/19/14 Darkness Falls

The days are ending sooner and sooner. I know that summer's end is moving on us quickly. The next foreseeable days have highs in the 90s, but I know it won't be long and it will be over. The leaves have that dark, dirty, old green look, and the bugs are going wild. My hay fever is running rampant. Sigh...

A friend called me today from Amsterdam, it was quite a surprise. Sigh, seems all my friends travel and I don't, except through them. Who knows - I may get a do-over, haha. I would be a nomad.

DH saw his surgeon on Monday, he has another month to sit around before his next Dr. visit. I seldom hear snoring at night, now, I hear, "Ouch!", "Oh!", and a few choice words in BLUE, when he turns over or tries to get that arm comfortable.

There is nothing on TV, nothing worth watching anyway. I think they do this every summer, hoping you will be happy with whatever pig slop of new programming they decide to throw at you in the fall. I'm just waiting for Devious Maids, NCIS, and CSI LV... If it weren't for Rissolli and Isles (sp?) I would not turn it on - myself. DH watches anything, I stay out of there, LOL! 

I made myself some cracker soup for supper tonight - comfort food from childhood, just because. Simple to make - soda crackers, hot milk, a little butter and sugar. 

I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves entertained! G'Night!



  1. ha. i just finished watching rizzoli and isles. :)

    i've never had cracker soup, but i can down a lot of saltines with butter spread on them. or just plain saltines with a glass of milk. good comfort food.

    sorry for dh...

  2. Mom Kim here - tv for me is a lot of Criminal Minds, maybe it is the hidden behaviorist in me - who knows. On the flip side - a lot of Disney - watching - wait for it, wait for it - Dog With A Blog and Girl Meets World - cute shows. No cracker soup here - did make some goulash last nite - been hungry for it. I saw your comment about Shiloh - only you would come up with the Bogie comparison - LOVED IT!
    Back to work now :(
    Mom Kim

  3. Forgot to ask - what happened to DH - guess AI have had my mind somewhere else.
    Mom Kim

  4. Never heard of Cracker soup. We're having three digit weather here these days. Hope DH feels better soon.


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