Monday, August 11, 2014

Super Moon II

I have seen some incredible shots of this month's Super Moon as I'm sure you have. Awesome stuff, for sure!

So... I set myself up with a little friend and great hopes. I lined myself up with the little friend and the moon. Oh, did I mention that I have a cat? (I know - Sharon is off her rocker - what the hey does taking pictures of the moon have to do with a cat?) I am in a slightly precarious position, half hanging over the rail to line everything up. I steady myself...I take the shot, just as the cat decides to rub against my leg. Bless her.

It goes without saying, that the shot did not work.
Little friend (taken after the ruckus)

My foiled "trick" shot

Taken after I collected myself (sort of)
  I imagine there were more than a few blown shots out there, am I right? I would hate to think I am alone in taking (or not taking) rotten shots of the moon...


  1. i like your little arachnid friend! i'm sure the cat was just helping... :)

  2. Awww you did okay, I didn't even try. Too many telephone poles and the neighbor's big truck etc. in the way here in town. Wish I would have been at the ranch with wide open spaces.

  3. Great photo of the super moon! I took a few shots, some are like your first one, some were better but still not post worthy!
    is it me or were your comments disabled for a while? I couldn't find them...


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