Saturday, August 9, 2014

The lily on the cover

Excerpt from Julia, Monroe Street:

Julia did not have a bridal bouquet. Traditionally the groom is supposed to buy that for his bride.

Philip had more than likely thrown his away and Edward had not known about the tradition. He pulled a single lily from a vase, to present it to her with a kiss.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” he whispered.

The minister performed the brief religious ceremony.

 Even though he was nervous, Edward could not take his eyes off his bride. Neither of them remembered the words, except for the ‘forsaking all others’ part. That one stuck. When he kissed the bride, he could hardly wait to take her upstairs.

They held the reception in a separate room off the hotel dining room, giving the family privacy. Everyone ate the beautiful cake and the little sandwiches. Her father cancelled the photographer, but he could not cancel the music. He had hired musicians that played music to dance to and nearly everyone participated. Meg danced every dance with Frederick, while Julia shuffled from one family member to another. Edward dutifully took each aunt or cousin for a spin around the room. They had fulfilled their family obligations and danced together for the second time. He held her close, watching for an opportunity to make their escape.

They ran up the stairs together, as soon as they could get away from the reception. He did not want to waste any time, because they only had the room until noon the next day.


  1. It must be so much fun to see your work under such a gorgeous cover. I enjoyed this little bit of it.

  2. The cover is pretty and the writing good.


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