Friday, July 12, 2013

Letter From Home 07/12/13

It has been a week! 

I did get most of my numbers into the new phone. It is amazing and I love it! If it is one of those irritating 'non-calls' the pleasant female voice just says, "Call from" and then a string of numbers. I have the ring set on 7 rings, they usually hang up before it goes that long. The ring is not unpleasant or jarring. I am now a happy camper.

Chiggers are a nearly invisible parasite or bug that love tight warm places on our bodies. A search will give you more info. They are not fun and really itch.

Someone I know, is getting his wish for a natural yard. DH has no time to mow it, but it is just thick and only some yellow spindly flowers are growing out there. Not glamorous. DH said that if someone comes by with an offer to mow it that I should have them do it. Yah, like that is going to happen out here in the boonies. More likely, I need to keep the shotgun handy because the place looks deserted.

I finally got my 'Premium' status on Lincoln Avenue. I heard that it was harder now. Hmm. I lack a cover for 'Bad Things' and a blurb, it is ready to send as soon as I have that. Cannot put pretty flowers on that cover... My brain is getting overworked. I am proofing the last one, sigh... Then I will be finished with 'Julia'. I hate to see it end. I was my goal - to get them all out there before my mushy brain cells gave up the ghost entirely. I hope I can do that.

Lastly, my grandson told me he has joined the marines. He will do training throughout his senior year and go in when he graduates. I hope everything goes well for him, there is nothing more that I can say. I get too emotional...


  1. Chiggers are awful! Glad the phone is working well for you. I say, who cares what the yard looks like. You certainly have been busy with Julia. I do hope your grandson likes the Marines and stays safe.

  2. I haven't met a chigger, but they don't sound like much fun. Glad you like your new phone. All the best to your grandson. I can understand you getting emotional, I would too.

  3. Oh girl! I know what chiggers are. My legs are full of bites from being on my knees in the grass trimming. The best of luck to your grandson.

  4. I sense and know you feel a 'rush' to have to find a cover etc but I would recommend you take a short, revitalizing breather....then go back.

    Hip hip hooray!! A wild flower field!!! lol If you can get your hands on a bag of wild flower seeds that are indigenous to your area and get DH to 'sow' them (and get a pic of that!!) and hopefully next spring you will have your own 'Monet' to view.

  5. awww. i hope your grandson will be okay.

    chiggers - yuck!

  6. I know it will be a worry for you Sharon (your grandson), but try to be proud and supportive (which I know you will.) It means so much to them.

    Good luck on the novels -- I don't know much about the publishing aspect, but it sounds like you are moving quickly on your new stories. :)

  7. Good luck with the novels, I'm sure you will do great. Do you have a local seniors group that can help organise someone to come and mow your laws. Like a student that wouldn't cost too much? I know how you feel about your grandson. I hope and pray that he will always be safe.

  8. Great to hear you have almost come to the end of this 'first journey' - will you start another one next November when NaNoWriMo come round again?


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