Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A New Toy to Confuse Me!

DH came home last night after work. Oh, wait a minute... he was not the new toy. He had a dental appointment today and as long as he was down there, I asked him to pick up a new telephone.

It is charging now. I figured out that it will be bedtime before they are charged enough so I can program them. It's a set, one for him, so he doesn't have to get up off his chair to answer it when it rings and one in the hall for the rest of us. :-) Of course, I will be too tired to mess with it tonight, except to call myself to hear my choice of 5 rings.

What modern technology comes up with! The main base can be set up with family and friend's names and the thing is supposed to speak their name. ("Ingrid is calling" etc) OMG, how cool is that? No rush to answer when it is an unknown caller! There is even a slip-proof pad on the back for those ear/shoulder holds.

This had better work as they say... I have the receipt and (for a change) an owner's manual. It will be a delight to get off that short cord. More than likely, I will spend most of the day figuring out how to put in the people and numbers that I have. I do not know how to text, shameful, I know. Hmm, if I have lost your number, please send it to me again via email. You know who you are. ;-)

Have a nice evening and a good day!


  1. oh, i hope it works great and you like it. i'm always so picky when it comes to phones and the like. :)

  2. Good for you! Sounds like a great phone... you will have to do a review in a couple of days.

  3. Happy you have a new toy. I've learned to text anyone who is programed into my phone. It's all fun but frustrating at times.

  4. Phones. Tricky little things. Dentist's, even worse.

  5. No land line here -- but I remember the days of programming phones. :)

  6. I'm sure you will be fine. Just remember when everything else fails read the manual. That's when I have to because the man of the house just tried to work it out. Lol

  7. I keep thinking that I would like to have a cell phone that would tell me who's calling, but I only have about 3 people who call it, so that sort of is... Well, not worth the effort. :/

    Hope you can get it to work, and be a good toy for you!


  8. Have fun with your new toy. Don't forget it can get a little frustrating at times. Sue


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