Friday, July 5, 2013

Letter from home... 07/05/13

Hi Everyone!

I worried as the rain and thunder moved off after supper last night. I took the dogs outside and told them it might be a while before they felt like going out again. Low and behold, the neighbors did not shoot off any fireworks and the dogs didn't have "Fright Night" this year! Of course, we are having rain and thunder again today... The forecast says for every day coming. Argh! I hope the thunder holds off long enough for me to charge my computer battery.

My telephone finally rang last night. I am going to have to get new ones. I had to sit on the floor because the short wire and the short cord wouldn't let me sit anywhere else. I heard my puckity (oxygen concentrator) in my left ear and was hard pressed to hear anything of my call. The dogs thought it was fun time as I was on the floor. This situation will have to be remedied soon.

I have Lincoln Avenue at Smashwords now, but it hasn't been okayed for the premium catalog yet. Only I would work myself to death to put it up the night before a holiday. I hope it won't take too long until someone there goes through it.

I found a book that I hadn't read yet, a person has to have something to do while waiting for each storm to pass. Right? I have no idea if the author is famous or anything. Of course, it's a detective book... I kind of lean that way. How odd that I wrote Julia, isn't it?

Have a lovely weekend... I will be reading, I hope you will be too!


  1. I wish it would thunder here to clear the air! So humid and hot! we are not built to handle this way up north as we are!!
    Happy reading and have a good weekend. Hope to begin Lincoln Avenue this weekend and just maybe finish it too!

  2. wish we'd get some of the rain, but the thunder and lightning you can keep. :)

  3. I am going to take a look at this 'smash words'. You have me intrigued !

  4. I love your covers! And of course I love the books! We are really hot here, but it seems we get rain each day... a nice soft rain that cools things off for just a while, then hot again.

  5. We could use some rain again here in south Texas. For the week-end we probably will check the cattle, give them some feed, feed the turtles in the stock tank. Then Sunday we'll go to our little historical country church. Hope you have a nice one.

  6. I hope the weather clears for you. We are having cold weather here but I'm ok with it. I can always snuggle under blankets. It's the heat I cannot handle.

  7. Ahhh, rain! It's kind of hard to sit here and read about it. Glad the dogs didn't have to listen to people celebrating.

  8. Hope the novel is approved soon for you. How exciting!

  9. They say we're in for some storms this week -- we need the rain, again.


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