Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blueberry Summer

Someone wrote a book by that name. I believe I read it, haven't the foggiest notion what it was about though.

My blueberries are really going to town. I took a bowl out to pick the ripe ones and I should have taken a larger bowl. I think this one is 2 quarts. By the time I was done picking (half the time sitting in the grass), the bowl was heavy and full. I left a good bit as I was too hot and tired to come inside for another bowl. I did get more than my daily need of vitamin D.

Of course, just picking berries isn't all that is involved. I came inside and stripped to take a shower. You don't sit in the grass here and NOT take a shower. Chiggers, don't you know. My skin is fragile enough, I do not need chiggers!

The dogs enjoyed my time outside with them and Attacky thought that I was playing with her. I don't know how many berries I lost because she attacked the little branches that I was picking from. She is one playful cat!


  1. I wish I liked blueberries but I don't. I hate chiggers and they love me. Hope your Sunday is going well. Our's has been busy on the ranch and was it hot out there.

  2. yum! now all you need is a spot of vanilla ice cream to crush those into! or just plain is great, too!

    laughing at the visual of your sweet tacky cat.

  3. By early August we ought be able to get local wild ones here.Love blueberries!!
    And chiggers are what exactly? Like 'no-seeums'?

  4. Sharon, I remembered a book by that name too, and looked it up--It's a teen romance book, which explains why I would remember it because my Mom worked in a junior high school library and was always bringing books home for me to read. At any rate, I love blueberries and wish I had a few of my own--The things WE could bake if we were closer to one another!! I hope your day has been an enjoyable one--THANKS for sending some rain in our direction, we really needed it! But you can keep the chiggers, its been years since I've had one, and I'm okay with that! :-)

  5. They look so beautiful and delicious!

  6. Okay, what are CHIGGERS ? I know what blueberries are but chiggers are/is new to me. lisa x

  7. These look delicious Sharon -- I got a few chigger bites last night chasing the turkeys back in.

  8. see if my new post is still confusing...I hope not :)


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