Monday, April 7, 2014

House Hunting, the end for now...

This is the rambler - we did make an offer (10.5% higher than the selling price), and then we sat waiting to hear from the agent... until this morning. The way I understand it, they had a half dozen offers. The people who actually got the house offered less than we did, but they had cash in their hot little hands.

Of course, I am disappointed. Now, I am leery about trying to finance another house before we get this one sold. I have gone through the panic of selling and having to find something acceptable by the time we have to hand over the keys. Banks do not lend money on fixer-uppers without collateral (this house), so buying something cheap is out. The loan officer at our bank said the payments on a 'better' home were more than we want to shell out, especially if we find another money pit, like this one. Most of the flaws and problems were hidden ones.

I found a couple fixers, but, there is that higher % interest of an equity loan. I wish I had a crystal ball or something to predict how soon this one will sell. Maybe I could relax a little.


  1. We sometimes think about moving but the stress would drive me crazy...crazier than I am already.

  2. i'm sorry on the rambler! it did look really clean and nice!

    the selling and buying timing is so darn hard. it's amazing it actually happens at all.

  3. Yes, I'm sorry too. This sounds very stressful. So maybe a break to regroup is a good idea.

  4. This is the main reason I told my hubby when we fist got married. You pick where you want to live and pick well. Because I'm not moving. We moved like gypsies while I was growing up and I just cannot handle the stress. And I wasn't even buying then lol. Hang in there. It will happen for you xxx


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