Sunday, April 20, 2014

Next Residence

The "Not New" House
Not sure when we will be moving, haven't signed the papers at the bank yet. The roof needs to be replaced before the bank will give us the loan. It has some bad hail damage. From the looks of it, you wouldn't want to believe it could have much wrong... it does, about 20k worth of repairs to make it safe and working properly. If you looked at the pictures on facebook - the green (non-working) dishwasher is a clue as to how long it has been since an update.

I suppose you wonder why we (I) picked this house when it has problems. Well, it's like this... Even a brand new house has its problems. Going in, knowing what the problems are give a person some advantage. The house is in an excellent neighborhood, close to shopping, medical, and pizza delivery. I had quite a list of things that we wanted in a house, not many even came close.

Large fenced-in shaded yard for J n J
Double garage for DH
Work shop area for DH
Shed for overflow and mower
Space for my 'womb' (it's small, but sufficient)
Two full bathrooms
Split bedroom layout
Bright kitchen
Wood floors (the real kind)

It has doggy doors, a gas fireplace, a large closet for my silver and crafts, but most of all - it has character! The square footage on the ad was wrong, it is smaller than my old place, but bigger than the one I am in now.

I am very excited. It's like a mile to a Chinese restaurant! I hope we are in before Memorial Day. 


  1. you're right - from the looks of it on the outside, it looks PERFECT! beautiful place, sharon! roof, appliances, etc. can be repaired. the location is KEY to your needs. i do hope all will go smoothly!!!

  2. I love it! It looks just perfect though I know you'll have some work to do on it... Congratulations!

  3. Saw your funny comment on Going Gently. Love your new house.

  4. Yeah!!!! Good going Sharon! You are one smart cookie! You knew what you wanted and waited till you found it!
    This will change a lot for you.
    I am excited for you.
    When is Memorial Day in the US? I have a feeling it's the same as our Victoria Day here in Canada....3rd Monday in May?

  5. WOW WOW HAPPY for you!!!

  6. Very neat house and I'm sure you will be very happy there. Even near pizza delivery, very important, huh? Yep I would say so.

  7. Sharon, I am so glad you've found a place! I think the home is both lovely and charming! And I just looked on FB, and love the 'vintage' look of the cabinets in the kitchen, it's perfect!!

  8. Yes, it does have character - love it. My house is a 2 story duplex and when I moved in, I was fine with that. I'm 13 years older now with the addition of a couple more medical issues - a 2 story home plus laundry in basement just doesn't work anymore. If I can ever get out of this - will insist on certain things just like you did. Hope I can find something as cute as your new place for me and the Beaglebratz.
    Mom Kim

  9. Looks like you found the perfect happy for you.

  10. I wish it were like... right down the road so I could come visit!! I love it! It is so bright and cheerful... I hope everything goes smoothly and you can get in ASAP! I love the floors!! We have the fake wood here and they are yucky looking. YOurs are gorgeous!

  11. That's just a beautiful house on the outside and once you get it fixed it sound like it will be perfect. I am so HAPPY for you guys and your critters. Looking forward to seeing more of it and learn about your progress.

  12. I'm glad you found something that has so many of the items you wanted! Hope the sale and move go smoothly.


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