Monday, April 28, 2014

Use for a dead fig tree

There is no sign of life coming up from the roots of my fig trees, but they are still useful. I will leave them for the next owners to decide if they like them or not. I like them, even if they are dead. I see a new crop of bird friends daily, they are using the trees as a gathering spot while they get their bearings.

It's raining today, so you must excuse the wet window and cruddy 'through the screen' shot, but I had to share.


  1. Wanna share that rain? We need rain so badly and there is none in sight.

  2. Am I for one are glad you did share, Sharon! Too bad about the fig tree but at least it is serving a purpose now to the birds.
    How's the 'waiting' going?
    Raining here too.

  3. i like it! very artful! and you can still recognize those as goldfinches. :)

  4. Still such a pretty sight all those birds.

  5. Love all the birds. We are having a rainy day here too. I always love the rain but today I wanted a bright sunny day as we have the eclipse. As usual Mother Nature has decided I'm not allowed to see it :(

  6. It does look like the birds enjoy it!


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