Friday, April 11, 2014


...the tender buds in February from the screwy weather we had? The figs are dead now, the hard freeze did them in.


  1. We are still having that screwy westher - has been in upper 70's for a few daysz but by late Sunday nite/Monday morning we could have snow.
    Mom Kim

  2. I am sure the roots will be fine. It should be OK and start to show some life. Too bad you couldn't take it with you to your next place.....if you find one before it gets too hot there. Otherwise best to leave it where it is.

  3. ...there's always next year. Or so "they" say.

    HI...just popping in from TexWis's comments where I saw your comment and decided to pay you a visit.

  4. Strange weather everywhere. Sorry about your figs.


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